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Giovanni Battista Falda (1648-1678) Back to ancient prints

Falda Giovanni Battista was architect, draftsman and engraver. He lived mainly to Rome where he started to work with Giacomo de Rossi (1626-1691), the more important publisher of that epoch. The engraver knew increases him artistic personality of the half of the 17th century, drawing sprout for the construction of the image and sharpening the really technical capacity. He compounded, for the greatest part of the his works, representatives incisions the views of Rome and of his neighbourhoods, with the his plazas, with his illustrates buildings, with the his set fountains and with his spectacular gardens. Introducing the buildings exclusively from an architectural point of view and to time inserting elements took from everyday life, as for example the insertion of little scenes of kind with characters in coach or passing in clothes of the time. He succeeded to transform the perspective view in a real picture of the urban world.

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