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stockfish with big peppers of the roman

  Ingredients for 6 people: After you has held the dried cod in water, so itís neither too salty neither too insipid, scrape off from the part of the skin to remove the scales, blunt the fins and cut it into pieces of 3-4 cm., looking to eliminate the more possible quills. Rinse and put it to dry on a cloth. Toast the peppers, skin its, remove the seeds and the core, wash its, dry and cut its into pieces not too big. Put to fry the sliced onions and add the tomatoes cut into pieces. When its spits the oil, add the peppers, salt and pepper. At half cooking of the peppers add a handful of parsley, the dried cod, cover and stew. This recipe may be eat cold too  
800 gms. of stockfish
8-10 big peppers
2-3 onions
600 gms. of tomatoes


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