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Roman broth

A really good meat stock constitutes the basis of this recipe. However, there is one particular: in the stock, together with the rest of the meat, you should also boil some breast of lamb, at least 500 gms. for six persons. It is this addition of lamb which gives the soup that very particular taste. Now put the stock which you have prepared to one side and break one eggyolk per person into a pan. Add to the eggs the juice of half lemon and a few marjoram leaves; little by little, pour the hot but not boiling stock over the eggs and then place the pan on the heat until the ingredients blend together well, always making sure that the stock does not boil, or else the eggyolks will break up like in the recipe for stracciatella (a light, delicate broth). Serve with toasted bread croutons and a generous amount of roman pecorino cheese

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